As the date varies with the Solar Calendar, Yule is a Pagan/Wiccan holiday celebrated around December 20th-23rd each year. Yule is a celebration of the rebirth of the Horned God, represented by the sun. On this solstice, the suns path begins to lengthen again, making our days longer again until the summer solstice.

How to celebrate Yule:

Celebrating the rebirth of the Horned God is quite simple! One of the most iconic rituals of Yule is the ceremonial burning of the Yule log! Most do this without thinking twice, but yes, you’re using ancient traditions in your modern day! Another Yule tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe. After the kiss, one person is to pick the berry off the bush and after all of the berries are gone it is to be burned to ensure those who kissed will marry. The berries represent male reproduction and the herb itself is said to promote fertility, love, and protection. Finally, the most iconic Yuletide tradition would be decorating the Yule Tree! The Yule tree is representative of the Germanic Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) and the growing connection between all living things. The Yule Tree as well as the Yule Log are both supposed to be cut down on your own land or given to you by someone else, never bought.

Yule is meant to bring people together, to begin healing and thawing during a chilled winter. The Goddess in her Crone form is still ever present with us and now the Horned God of the hunt is back to being filling our lives with knowledge and prosperity. The time is now to do spell working of new beginnings, healing, and bringing light back into your hearth! Yule is an especially good time for Kitchen Witches to do their craft. Hardy stews laden with potent healing magic, ciders and brews bubbling with energies unimaginable! Remember through these cold months, only a few more weeks and we will be ringing in the rebirth of the Maiden as well. Stay strong during the dark months to see the light once more! Blessed Be!