Recently I’ve been learning how to write my own spells! I decided to learn all I can about crystals, candles, herbs, runes, tools, amulets, and incense before I began. I copied everything I could find about magical associations and developed reference sections for my Book of Shadows. Through all the information I’ve collected, I can now craft spells using only my book.

I’ve only written two so far, and I shared one in the blog already: Increase Job Performance Spell. I find this spell to be very effective for me, which I attribute to the fact that I wrote it myself. I would love any feedback you have and let me know if you try it out!

If you want to learn how to write your own spells, you can start by picking up these books:

*Note: I mention Solitary Witch because it is a huge resource and contains a fuck ton of information. BUT this should not be your only resource, and take some things in it with a grain of salt!