Hey guys! I’ve been sharing some witchcraft resources in Witchcraft Forums to try to get the discussion started. I have posted links to:

I am hoping people will add their own links to create a more comprehensive resource.

In other news, we finally got our temple room back. We had a friend staying with us for a few weeks while he was in transition and he took over our second bedroom! We also had to tone down some of the witchy things around the house because we aren’t exactly out of the broom closet to our friends and family. It sucked because I’m super excited about learning more about the craft, but had to put all that on hold..

I’ve found an awesome new podcast to help get through my hour + commute! Desperate Housewitches is super fun and easy to listen to. Check them out! I really like the light-hearted atmosphere, as I’ve listened to several pagan podcasts that have a very serious and cautionary tone.

I’m trying to work some SEO magic on my blog, but I could use some help. If you like my site please post or share the link with your friends! <3