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    Recently I went to a gathering for Yule where I met a very nice Shaman and Fae. They told me about past lives and their spirit animals. I was really intrigued by the idea of a spirit animal being used as a guide. They explained to me that a person could have many spirit animals in one lifetime. A spirit animal can come as soon as it goes, but they are usually there to offer some type of needed guidance. The Fae mentioned that their might of been a number (nine?) associated with the number of spirit animals one must obtain in a lifetime. They told me about a few guided meditations that helped them to discover their spirit animals, so I decided to explore youtube and dig one up myself.

    Here is the video I tried:

    I found out that my spirit animal is a lioness. As I traveled up the mountain peak, there was a landing with a huge jagged ice crystal ball that kept morphing until it became a lioness. It started walking into the mountain and it wanted me to follow it.

    After doing some research on the lioness I found out a lot about this encounter.

    Lionesses are often sure of themselves, intuitive, patient, adaptable and formidable. Physically powerful and unafraid to go after what she desires, the daughter of RA carrying the power of the sun.

    Sekhmet of ancient Africa the fierce lioness is a totem revered for her power as her name means power, the eye of RA was an instrument of destructive force. Her myth is that she would slay disagreeable men on earth to the point that she got carried away and had to be subdued through the introduction of wine, this red scarlet wine is symbolic of the intoxicated feeling of union with the supreme through the creative force. Her teaching is through her transformation brought about by the creative forces of dance, music, word sound, and movement, enhancing sensuality, grace and charisma. She is warm, communal and abundant and teaches parents to be playful and care free with their offsprings. With family and community she teaches us to be protective, social, balanced and unafraid to face challenges.
    In the Afrikan yogic system Lioness Sekhmet presides over the Tchet the Sacral Arush (Chakra) Colour scarlet red.

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    I did a similar meditation and was visited by a Tiger. Thank you very much Rardoz for sharing and welcome to the Spellcaster forums!

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