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    Merry meet!,

    I’m Sidney! I’ve been practicing witchcraft for 3 and half years now as solitary Eclectic Witch. I live in Avondale, Arizona, but I’m originally from Boise, Idaho. I was born on November 10 which makes me a Scorpio. You can add me on Tumblr blog full of witchy information at @witch-moon-nyx, follow me on Instagram @divination_witch and I also have a Facebook group for witches under “Witches Magick”. I’m always up for making new and magickal friends. Hope to hear from you soon!

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    Merry meet,

    Hello Sydney! Glad to have you here in the forums with us! I’m Kyle, a solitary witch as well. I’ve been practicing for about 13 years now, specializing in divination as an Oracle for the divines. I’ll definitely be checking out your social medias, and would love to have a chat with you at some point! My Instagram is @TheConjuredCrow and my Facebook Page is also The Conjured Crow! It’s for my Etsy shop but it’s where I get to use a medium for my eclectic posts and now I get to be a blogger here! If you haven’t checked Tumblr out yet, I urge you to! There are a lot of good blogs (I blog on there as well, again as TCC) and a lot of GREAT information! Hope to hear from you soon! <3

    Blessed Be-

    Kyle Ferry

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