With all the published material and resources out there, navigating through them all to get a base knowledge can be an overwhelming task. If you’re new to the craft or wanting to fill in gaps in your knowledge, there are many witchcraft books and essays out there to digest. Some of them good, some horrible, and some that are misinformed.

When I was new to the craft, it was hard for me to find some good solid resources that weren’t oversimplified or simply rehashed manuscripts for more accomplished authors and practitioners. The following witchcraft books are great for anyone starting out and are respected authors/teachers in the craft.

Raymond Buckland

Raymond Buckland is a Gardnerian and Seax high priest and is one of the most visible figures in witchcraft. His books are beloved by people all over the world searching for a new craft. He is an important voice in the community, and I would suggest starting with these titles.

Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham’s books are written mostly for solitary practitioners. So if you are planning on traveling your own path without a coven, his books can be a great resource to start with.

Witchcraft Books by Misc Authors