Poppet magic is very large in the Wiccan, Pagan, and many other magical spiritualties. Poppet magic, more commonly known as voodoo, is a very useful tool in the Craft. Now contrary to common belief, voodoo magic or poppet spells are not only used to harm.

What are poppets?

Poppets are small cloth dolls made into the shape of what or who you’re trying to do spell casting for. I recommend making your own poppets when you’re able to and stuffing it with certain herbs for the intent of your spells.


When to use a poppet?

Now, I don’t condone malice in your witchcraft but, if someone sends a curse your way, poppets may also be very useful. Poppets can block energies from yourself and send it back to the sender. Another use for a poppet is to heal the intended target as well.

Other tools used

A very important part of poppet magic are the pins used. The different colors are representative of different types of magic and different intent to be put into the poppet.

Although poppets are a great tool to use, exorcize caution when using them! They’re very powerful and one false move will send energies flying.