Merry Meet!

This week we are celebrating Samhain- the witches New Year! These dates fall between October 30th and November 1st of every year. This day is also signifying the end of the harvest season, when farmers way back when would have to harvest the last of their crops and make sure they had enough to hunker down and get ready for the impeding winter coming their way. Luckily we now have technology, green houses, and indoor gardens that allow us to continue the harvest season all year long!

During this transition from Summer to Autumn, the Goddess and God transition as well- the Goddess from the Mother to the Crone, and the God from the Son to the Savior, or Lord of Death. The Goddess’ form, the Crone, symbolizes death and disillusion. She is the old wise one and the initiator into the darkness. The Crone also represents our life cycle and that although all things come to an end, that we are all poured back into the cauldron and reborn! The God on the other hand is the darker side of the Goddess. In lore, He gave his life to allow spiritual knowledge and enlightenment to come into the world. He is also the caretaker of the recently departed, bringing them to the journey that lay in front of them, consoling them if there is fear or sadness with them.

Samhain is not only to pay respect to the Goddess and God, but also to pay respect and remember our fallen loved ones and ancestors that have given us this chance to live our lives freely. During this Sabbat, it is important to remember the veil is thinned making it easier to communicate with the dead. Ancestral magic is something that is usually practiced on this day, calling from your ancestor’s magic to enhance your own spell work.

I wanted to put a little bit of my work in this post for you all, a spell I wrote that goes with every one of my Samhain Spell Bottles I sell on my Etsy shop.

Samhain Spell for Communicating with the Dead

  • Patchouli: For remembrance of the dead, clairvoyance, and to aid in divination.
  • Rose: To heighten clairvoyant dreams or visions.
  • Lemon Peel: for strict divination proposes.
  • Black Candle & White Candle

Burn the mixture of herbs while chanting: “In the Goddess’ name, I call your power; Bring loved ones to me in this hour. On your ears my voice will fall, departed souls, to you I call!”

After you’ve done the chant three times, use your choice of divination (tarot, crystal ball, scrying, etc.) to ask the spirits the questions you have or for guidance you are seeking.

Warning- never summon something or someone whom you are not able to banish! If you have questions about banishing let us know and we will help you out!