So last week I taught you how to ground your energies and this week I will teach you how to protect the energies you have!


Sigils are a very old and very powerful magic practice. The sigils themselves are small magically imbued symbols that manifest a specific intent. There are many different ways to make sigils so I urge you to find the best that speaks to your soul! My personal favorite is to use Celtic Runes with my sigil making due to the fact that my family is of Celtic and English descent. Sigils are perfect for something that’s small and discrete, but very powerful. The more personal a sigil is the better the chances are that it will work better for you.

Herbs & Stones

Certain herbs and stones have predisposed advantages of protection. For example, Lavender and Hematite have a high vibrating frequency that gives us a natural protection. With herbs, you can also use their essential oils to place on your person to give yourself their magical properties. Here’s a good way to channel and get the most out of herbs and stones: First, you’ll want to get or make a sachet to put the herbs and stone of choice in. Second, you’ll find an herb or a blend of herbs that will fulfill your intent. Third, you will need to find a stone that corresponds with your intent as well, and charge it with that energy. (If you’re unsure on how to charge a stone, I will explain in Energy barriers) Lastly, you’ll place the herb(s) along with the stone(s) in the sachet and bless them. Now, a little recommendation would be to only use a maximum of 3 different ingredients in one sachet. Too much energy could also be bad, you want to put your intent into the universal energies yes, but you don’t want elementals and spirits kicking down your front door.

Energy barriers

As an energy worker myself, I will say this is probably the hardest of them all. Energy work is a daunting task but with hard work and a positive intent you too can master barriers, healing, stonework, and much more! Energy work is more difficult due to the fact that it takes a lot of self-control and visualization. Your mind needs to be completely focused on the task at hand. When doing an energy barrier it is IMPERITIVE that you focus on the light, don’t let anything corrupt your white light. There are a few different ways that you can use an energy barrier. For example, the waterfall method, the ball of light, the golden egg, and the white robe are the most common. My favorite is the white robe. All you do in this practice is meditate, ground your energy, and focus on your being. See yourself being surrounded by a white robe, long and flowing behind you. Imagine its cloak over your head, shielding you from the darkness and anything that would harm you.

Protection is very close to my heart; I love the feeling of having helped or casted protection for a loved one. If you have any questions or any specific technique you’d like to know about just ask!