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Good Morning!

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Writing Spells

Recently I’ve been learning how to write my own spells! I decided to learn all I can about crystals, candles, herbs, runes, tools, amulets, and incense before I began. I copied everything I could find about magical associations and developed reference sections for my Book of Shadows. Through all the information I’ve collected, I can now craft spells using only my book. […]

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Increase Job Performance Spell

I wrote this spell to help increase Job Performance and help restore passion/energy for the task at hand. This spell is designed to increase energy and vigor, aid in skill development, and add to your job satisfaction. If you copy this spell into your Book of Shadows, please give me credit!

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Witchyfag Etsy Shop is Now Open!

My Etsy Shop is now open! Right now I have a bunch of my Altoid tin mini travel altars, and Ill be adding more witchcraft supplies as time goes on so keep checking back!

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