A year ago, on October 30th, 2015 I pledged my life and soul to the wonderful man I call my husband. To celebrate we went with his parents on a weekend vacation to the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina.

On our weekend away from home we went pub hopping in Downtown Asheville, where I found some awesome spiritual shops. The vibes in this wonderful small town were just really relaxed and just so welcoming. Growing up in upstate New York, we were taught to keep our head down and not to make small talk on the streets. When we moved to North Carolina, it took a while to get acclimated. People would lock eyes with me and ask, “How’s your day”, and I wouldn’t know how to respond. I thought Charlotte was overly friendly, when we went to Asheville it changed my whole perspective.

In visiting the Historic Biltmore Village, my husband and I had wonderful talks with local shopkeepers, local artists, and artisans. We even bought a few ceramic mugs from the shops to remember our trip but also to give back to the local community. Managing my Etsy shop has shown me the hard work and dedication local artists and craftsmen put into their work. Yes, it may get pricy but I can attest, spending so much time on a project, you’d consider it priceless.

While in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we took a hike through the trails leading to the summit of Craggy Garden. If you ever get the chance to go, please make sure you do. The fall foliage through the Blue Ridge Parkway was breathtaking. Something a camera unfortunately can’t capture were the gusts blowing chilled air straight through your soul. This mountain was such a fantastic point of power in the world, the wind blowing, the warm sun on your face, the old stone under your feet, and a beautiful shining lake in the distance. Astounding would be a word that couldn’t even begin describing the feeling of being there.

What to do in Asheville:

Enough about me, I urge you to visit this beautiful city and experience it for yourself! When visiting there are pubs, breweries, vineyards, hiking trails, bike paths, eclectic shops, and delicious coffee bars. I’ve never seen so much diversity in such a small area before. There were Indian restaurants right next to Asian sushi bars, next to Turkish coffee shops, one right after another! When stepping down the brick-clad streets, listening to local musicians play their part in filling the night air, you just felt the energy. In the main park in central downtown they were playing rhythmic drum beats as everyone danced around them. The real question to ask yourself, what isn’t there to do in Asheville?

I can happily say we enjoyed both our stay in Asheville and our anniversary together. I think we’ll be needing some big cardboard boxes, to start the house hunt, and the job search to our soon to be home in Asheville.