Kyle is a new face here on Spellcaster and we are looking forward to reading his point of view and having him join on us on this journey!

Merry Meet everyone, my name is Kyle Ferry. I’m a happily married 21-year-old Wiccan from Upstate New York who has recently relocated to the great state of North Carolina. I found my way to the Craft when I was 8 years old, introduced by a woman who I call my second mom. She taught me what it was to be respectful of nature, to know the Goddess is in all things, to respect the karmic laws, and she gave me the drive to want to continue to learn every day more and more about this wonderful path.

I consider myself an eclectic solitary witch, which to me means I carve my own path following a set of guidelines given by my spirit guides and by my own ethics. Over the years I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of most if not all facets of witchcraft. I found that my specialties are healing, energy work (in people and in gems), divination (tarot and my trusted crystal ball), and herbal remedies. I’m an air witch, born under the sign of Aquarius, which means my mind is always thirsting for more knowledge and am extremely open to opposing viewpoints. My open heart and open mind make it easy for me to help and heal. I don’t consider myself a White Witch, nor do I consider myself a Black Witch. I feel as though healing and energy work falls somewhere in the Grey area. Being a Grey Witch makes my craft unique and it makes my gift of healing so much easier to do.

As I said before, I’ve been married now to my husband Josh for just about a year and we live with our fur baby, and I believe my familiar, Hades. He most definitely lives up to his title, I’m sure you’ll see more of that! All in all, I’m honored to be working along side the creators of Spellcaster to help get more information out to you guys! If you have any questions please feel free to ask us!

Blessed Be,

Kyle Ferry