My beautiful black cat Ella is an absolute blessing from the gods. She is the sweetest little creature that I’ve ever met and follows me around like a shadow. I’ve learned a lot about having her and often think she was sent to teach me to be calm and patient.

My partner and I adopted Ella from a friend of a friend. I initially wanted a friend for my grump unsocial Calico, and had low expectations. It didn’t take long for us to bond and I immediately fell in love with her. I didn’t know that cats could be sweet, social, and loving. I especially didn’t know that black cats tend to have these traits more than other breads.

I’ve suffered bouts of anxiety and Ella has always been a calming presence during these times. She has also been my little buddy figuring out the ways of magic and has been present for most of my rituals and spells. Black cats are often misunderstood and abandoned because of stigmas. I urge anyone who wants to adopt a pet to consider a black cat!

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