So- I’ve noticed in my fast paced life, working a full time job, maintaining a wonderful marriage, being a father to a fur baby, and writing blogs, while keeping up with an Etsy site… Witchcraft sometimes falls to the side, which is not something I take lightly. What I’ve come up with is something small, affordable, and easy to use: traveling altars.


What is a traveling altar?

A traveling altar is a small sacred space that you can fall back into when life is pulling you in twenty different directions. Your traveling altar should have some key ingredients to communicate with nature and the gods. This is something that should be able to be concealed in a bag but big enough to hold the proper materials needed.


What should I put in a traveling altar?

In my personal traveling altar I keep a set of runes, some stones, and matches. I also keep empty spell bottles, full spell bottles, and their corresponding spells. You can customize your traveling altar how you see fit. I suggest the bare minimums for this is not your actual full sized altar.


Some Tips:


In my Etsy shop I sell good sized and well packed traveling altars. They come with small tea light candles, spell bottles filled with herbs, and their corresponding spells as well. I suggest taking some time to see what your craft require and customize it from there. For example, I customize the ones I sell for my customer as they request. Whether it be for protection, healing, or divination, I’m here to help!


If you have any questions, please be sure to ask! No question is too small and if you’re confused on how to get started take a look at my shop and get some ideas!