Herbs are an extremely important part of witchcraft. If you’re a true herbalist, you follow the strict teachings of the Green Witches. Harvest when the plant’s planets are in their house, the time of day or night needs to be perfect, and you also have a offering for the herb as well. As a not so perfect witch, I just mutter a simple thank you and bless them under the full moon. If you want more information on Green Witchcraft please ask! After I bless my herbs, I have a few different ways I dry them before using them in my rituals.

The Olde Ways

For this method you will need the herbs you’re looking to dry, some twine (cooking twine is fine), and a tack or nail. First, you need to tie the herbs together in a bundle with the twine. Second, you’ll find a warm dry space in your home and tack it or nail it to the ceiling. Finally, you’ll want to keep it hanging there for about 4-6 months. Although this method is very time consuming, the results are fantastic.

The Quick Olde Ways

If you’re impatient like me and need your herbs sooner than later, than this is your method. You’ll need, your herbs, a glass cover (I use my cake cover), and something to prop up the glass cover. First you’ll place the herbs on a table in a sunny spot, making sure they’re not touching. From there place the lid over top of the herbs making sure the prop is keeping enough air circulating through the cover. Lastly, let sit for about 12 hours or until brittle.

21st Century

So the last way I’ll share is the quickest. All you’ll need are the herbs, two paper towels, and a microwave. First, place one of the paper towels in the microwave. Second, place a thin line of herbs on the paper towel and cover it with the second paper towel. Lastly, you’ll want to start the timer for 1 minute, and then after that do 30 second increments to ensure it doesn’t burn or become unusable!


There are plenty of different ways to dry your precious herbs, and if you have questions about any of them feel free to contact me!