Merry Meet everyone!

A topic that I’ve learned much about through the years and have brought into my daily life is grounding.

What is grounding?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, grounding is cleansing your body of negative or unwanted energies through visualization and energy working. There are many ways to ground, each with their own unique way of healing.

When should I ground?

A good time to ground is when you’re feeling out of sorts, if you have to much energy, or feel bogged down by negativity. Being an energy worker and an empath myself gives me a bit of an upper hand on this process. When I see someone, almost immediately I have a read of what they’re feeling and or thinking. I don’t read auras but I do see if there are unwanted energies on someone’s person. To me, these negative energies look like a slime or shadow on someone’s body. As a Wiccan practitioner, I want to help any and all that I can, therefore I’m here to explain what I know works for me and many others!

Why should I ground?

I’m a firm believer in balance. Your emotions are one thing in life that need balance, too much energy being spent could have negative effects on your physical and mental health. We ground to remove excess energies, to balance, and to heal. The energy we send out, whether it good or bad, gets healed and recycled back into the world. As previously stated, we need balance, so don’t root yourself into the world. You want to remain pushing forward in life and a constant tether to the Earth could prevent that.

Objects that help with grounding

A few items in Witchcraft help us naturally ground such as; types of heavy metals, certain herbs, and gemstones as well. Iron in particular is extremely helpful when grounding, be mindful once again with it taking certain shapes. A nail, could pin you down in the spot you’re at, whereas a shape of an anchor would still allow you to move forward in life. The gemstone hematite is extremely helpful with its grounding properties. Lastly, most herbs associated with the element Earth are particularly better with grounding.

Kyle’s Grounding Technique

Personally, I have come up with my own special way to attach myself to the Universe’s energy and cleanse myself. The way I start is by sitting with my back against a tall tree, any will do, but if you have a preference by all means! While siting with your back against the trunk, close your eyes and begin breathing in for 4 counts and out for 4 counts. While breathing, visualize yourself beginning to sink into the tree becoming one with her. Vines coming out and around you, the sweet smell of fresh cut grass filling your nose. See roots begin to come from your being, into the ground slowly growing deeper and deeper. Now, see yourself through your mind’s eye. See any dark spots, or any color other than white, begin to travel down your body, down your roots, and into the earth. Keep your breathing steady and seeing these energies move into the world until your entire body is glowing pure white. When you feel refreshed and complete, slowly bring yourself back into reality, wiggle your toes, fingers and slowly open your eyes.


As witches, we are blessed with the ability to forge our own path. I have also written spells to help aid us with cleansing, and have spell bottles in my Etsy shop as well! If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!


Blessed Be!