Your body runs on energy as does your craft. When one is out of balance the other suffers as well. You’ve tried everything you can think of to get your vigor back in your casting and in your every day life and it’s just not taking hold.

Magic isn’t a fix all- sometimes your body needs time to heal. Your magical supply never truly runs out but can be burnt out for a time. While running on empty a few times before I still pushed myself to help others, thankfully it never backfired. Don’t test your boundaries if you don’t have to- there is a balance of natural and supernatural forces within you.

How to maintain a balance:

Just like most other things in life, moderation is key. Eat healthy nutritious foods, don’t bog yourself down with harsh chemicals, get rest, and exercise regularly to keep your energies flowing! Don’t let the stresses of every day life consume you. Regularly meditate and ground negative energies while maintaining a high level of positive thought and intent. If you’re feeling out of sorts, do some of these practices and feel the results!