Elemental attunement is the practice of being one with the elements. Yes, we are all born under a sign with a specified element, but as a witch I feel it necessary to communicate with all elements. Elements also have specific workers that do their bidding as well called elementals. Working in tandem with the element and their elementals make for a more successful spell casting.


One way to attune yourself to the elements is a sigil, which I suggest you create on your own. So, you could always create a sigil for fire and take a nice long walk on a sunny day. Feel the way the warmth of the sunbeams on your back. Soak it all into yourself and the sigil as well to keep its energy with you. My personal favorite way to attune with fire is to sit with all the lights off, only having your room illuminated by candlelight. If you’re lucky enough to have a hearth or fireplace, a nice night with some logs burning would make you appreciate the way fire keeps us warm and alive. Finally, another way to attune with fire is to finish old projects that are weighing you down. Feel the fire, the passion, inside your veins driving you to keep going until you’ve finished it!


Earth is a difficult element for most air signs due to the fact that one is stable and the other is free forming. But, I’m here to help break down that wall! One way to be one with the earth is to lie down, your back to the ground. Imagine your energies and the Earth energies flowing freely together. Begin to lose feeling of where you end and the Earth begins. You can also imagine a tree, strong and tall. Its roots being there for hundreds of years giving shade to those in need and giving us our life force. Realize, that you too are just as important as every tree in a forest as you imagine your energies growing tall and wide.


With air, it requires you have an open mind and at least a slightly creative one at that. One very unique way to attune your energy to see the value of air is to take a deep breath in. As you inhale imagine it being the first breath you ever took and as you exhale it being your last breath ever released. How does that make you feel? Indulge your creative side when communicating with the element of air. Read a book, write a blog entry, take some pictures, let your creative side loose! As an air sign, my favorite way to become one with air is to go hiking. As I climb to the top I visualize my problems. When reaching the top, I let the fierce gales tear the negative thoughts and ideas that trouble my mind leaving my energy white and pure.


Water creates and destroys, which makes it a very powerful element. She gives life to tiny seeds and nourishes them until they are full grown, but in a flash flood she can also take houses and even towns away. Put your hand on a pulse point, feel the blood pumping through your veins; how does it feel to have a river inside of you? If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean, I urge you to go. Put your hands in the water, feel the push and the pull of the water as the energy rises and falls. Mimic the motion becoming synced with it. Lastly, when taking a shower, much like air, it is very easy to cleanse yourself. Let the water pour over you, washing your problems off of your person and down the drain.

As I said before, even though you may understand one element more than another it is important to try to understand them all. Their energies are essential to life; they all play their part. If you’re finding it particularly hard to commune with one of the elements, let me know and we can do some work together! Blessed Be!