One facet of witchcraft that I find extremely interesting is divination. Since the beginning of time magic and non-magic-folk have been using forms of divination to predict future outcomes. For example, to predict a successful harvest, the pilgrims would consult the clouds. Pirates used the sun to predict if it were going to be clear skies for their sailing ahead. Most didn’t realize at the time that they were using tools of witchcraft to see what their future would hold.


Types of Divination


Although divination is a common tool used, there are many different forms. Some more popular forms of divination are tarot, crystal pendulums, various forms of scrying, runes, and communication with departed spirits. My personal two favorite forms of scrying are using my lovely tarot deck that I’ve had for several years or my newly acquired crystal ball. The outcome of any divination is meant to be the same no matter what medium you use. Divination is an art form, an expressive outlet that helps guide you to the answers you seek.




When using tarot cards, we use what are called spreads to direct our energy into the deck and to ask for guidance on specific questions we may have. What worries you, whether it be finances, relationships, or whatever your question may be, there is a spread for it. When placing your cards in the proper spread position, you’re faced with cards that have physical properties. You can see the picture, you can decipher it and pick it apart at that moment which is a great thing about tarot. When buying your own tarot deck, some believe it is customary for your first deck to be a gift. If you do not have that luxury and you have to buy your own deck, don’t worry! What you should do is go into your local Wiccan/Pagan/Eclectic shop and find their stash of tarot decks. From there, let your intuition take over. Find a deck that calls to you, listen for its energy calling to yours, feel the pull it has on you, wanting to jump in your bag! After my first ever deck, which was hand drawn and painted, was destroyed by a nameless cretin , I went to my local shop and sat down. I sat there and listened for a good 45 minutes and then I heard her. She was hidden right behind a deck with a raven on the front of it (which is also my spirit animal). I picked her up, went to the counter, and she’s given me the most insightful readings I’ve had in the past 8 years.




On the flip side, when scrying it’s more of a fluid interpretation of shapes, colors, feelings, or smells even that you encounter. Seeing as though the list of ways to scry is damn near endless, I will pick my favorite crystal ball scrying! When scrying, it’s almost as if you’re sending your mind outside of your body. You relax and let your gaze just zone out on the object that you’re scrying with, whether it be crystals, water, black mirrors, or fire. While in this trance like state, your question should be constantly in your mind. Pay very close attention to any shapes, objects, or colors you see. Personally, as an oracle, when using my forms of divination, I get messages as well while in a trance. If you ever get a reading from me, you’ll know what I mean! When choosing a medium of which to use for scrying, feel them out for yourself. Let your intuition tell you the path to take. I’m an air sign, which means I should have a difficult time using the crystals but she’s my best friend.


When using this method, I urge you to exorcise caution- scrying is not easy, you will likely not get a full vision the first time or the first five times for that matter, and you need to know when to take a break. Personally, I use my crystal ball for about 20 minutes’ maximum to seek my answers.



I open the floor up to you now, if you wish to know more about one style more than the other I urge you to reach out. I’d be glad to share my information about the divinatory arts with any and all that wish to learn.