$5 Tarot Reading!

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$5 Tarot Reading I will do a Past, Present & Future spread for you, at my altar with my tarot deck from The Wild Unknown. You will receive a photo of the spread along with your reading within 48 hours. Payments made through PayPal, no account required. Name Question for the Reading

Yuletide: Rebirth of the Sun

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As the date varies with the Solar Calendar, Yule is a Pagan/Wiccan holiday celebrated around December 20th-23rd each year. Yule is a celebration of the rebirth of the Horned God, represented by the sun. On this solstice, the suns path begins to lengthen again, making our days longer again until the summer solstice. How to [...]

A Witches Grimoire

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Since the dawn of witchcraft we've recorded our findings and passed them down to the younger generations. As the image of the witch twisted as time went on, we began hiding our secrets and locking them away. Most witches wrote our secrets in a leather bound book called a Book of Shadows or a grimoire. What is [...]

Spellwork With Poppets

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Poppets Poppet magic is very large in the Wiccan, Pagan, and many other magical spiritualties. Poppet magic, more commonly known as voodoo, is a very useful tool in the Craft. Now contrary to common belief, voodoo magic or poppet spells are not only used to harm. What are poppets? Poppets are small cloth dolls made [...]

Instagram @Spellcstr

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