Witchcraft App

For Witches on the Go!

A witch’s essential tools right in your pocket. We designed this app with so much love and care, and work to make it useful for every magick user. We include carefully-crafted spells and calls to the Goddess in the code itself. So when you are reading Tarot or receiving your horoscope, the code has asked for blessing and help from the spirits.

Essential Divination & Magick Tools

Tools for divination including Tarot & Rune Readings.

New Premium Features

Runes Readings & Crystal Guide

Also Available for Smartwatches

Get your horoscope on the go with Spellcaster for iOS and Android smartwatches!

Download Spellcaster!

Spellcaster is a free app for witches and magick-users. Available for iOS & Android phones, tablets, and smart watches.