About Us

Spellcaster started as an app idea and blossomed into a multimedia project that has surpassed our initial expectations. We were relatively new to the craft when we formulated the idea, and have learned so much in the process. We’ve poured all of our passion and energy into this project and love creating resources for everyday witches like us.

Our team consists of myself (Joshua) who is a designer, and my husband, Robert who is a web/mobile developer. We created and currently maintain Spellcaster and all its facets. When we aren’t working we like camping, hiking, traveling, and have a huge passion for music.

Spellcaster is owned and maintained by us for our company, Zardoz Creative Studio. Check out our website to see our work and other projects!

JoshuaOwner / Creative Director
Hiker, blogger, photographer, designer, and witch from Seattle, WA. Recently married to my partner of ten years.

Contact Us

Zardoz Creative Studio
600 SW Kenyon St.
Seattle, WA 98106

RobertOwner / Web & Mobile Developer
Developer and artist living in Seattle, WA. I like to draw, play my guitar, listen to music and watch 80s horror movies.