Since the dawn of witchcraft we’ve recorded our findings and passed them down to the younger generations. As the image of the witch twisted as time went on, we began hiding our secrets and locking them away. Most witches wrote our secrets in a leather bound book called a Book of Shadows or a grimoire.

What is a grimoire?

A grimoire, or Book of Shadows, is where a witch would record their findings. Herbal properties, tarot or rune readings, anatomy of plant life, potions, spells, and much more. A grimoire is usually placed under lock and key, hidden from plain sight, and spelled just in case someone does happen upon it. Personally, I have mine mixed with mundane books on a shelf to not draw attention. She is also hexed heavily with blood magic in case someone would try to corrupt my craft.


Why hide your grimoire?

Although I don’t live in a place where my craft is threatened and my husband encourages my practicing, I still find it traditional to make sure my magic is safe. Witches were hunted for MANY years, prosecuted, hung, hunted, and burned. As time went on, we learned to hide our craft. Concealed by the moon light, she who protects us always, watching over us. Making sure the tools of the craft were hidden under floor boards, false walls, or in hallowed out books.


What should my grimoire look like?

What ever you want it to! I know a lot of different styles. I’ve met people who keep their grimoire as a 3 ring binder, separating each section by tab and color coding it. I know some people who stick with the leather bound book, and I know some who just use a notebook of any kind! Your grimoire is just that, yours! Put your energy in it, put your own markings and drawings on it, make it as big or as small as you’d like. Just remember, honor and respect your craft and it will do the same for you three fold!